What are Stacking Baskets?

Warehouse Equipment | December 3, 2021
Stacking Baskets

Storage space is invaluable for any warehouse or industrial facility, especially those that handle various products, customer orders, or materials. That is why many operations are constantly looking for ways to increase their storage capacity without taking up additional floor space. Though there are a few products that are suitable for this purpose, stacking baskets are a great way to achieve this goal. As referenced by their name, stacking baskets are metal baskets specifically designed to increase storage space by stacking on top of each other. These units can create stacks up to six baskets tall, allowing operations to utilize untapped vertical space to increase their storage capabilities and keep their aisles clear. As leading providers of stacking baskets, the team at Unitran Manufacturers has compiled some information on the benefits of stacking baskets to help you determine if they are the right choice for your needs.

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Benefits of Stacking Baskets

Stacking baskets offer the following benefits for warehouses and industrial facilities of all sizes:

Increased Storage Capacity

Vertical space is often severely underutilized in warehouses and industrial applications. By using stacking baskets, operations can increase their storage capabilities while keeping aisles clear. In some cases, the installation of stacking metal baskets can even free up valuable floor space by eliminating the need for conventional shelves as they can reach higher and hold more than most types of shelving units.

Easy to Transport and Use

Stacking baskets feature cupped legs to allow for easy stacking and repositioning as needed. Each unit also features a half gate that folds down for easy access to the contents of the basket, enhancing organization, productivity, and safety. Stacking metal baskets can be lifted, repositioned, and placed by any forklift or walking stacker with a sufficient lift capacity. This means that most facilities can make use of their existing equipment to get the most out of stacking baskets, eliminating further spending.

Strong and Durable

Metal stacking baskets are constructed from durable materials and feature a powder-coated finish to ensure lasting performance and reliability. Each basket can hold up to 3,000 lb, allowing them to safely store various materials, products, tools, and other items. This makes them a great choice for industrial and commercial operations such as warehousing, retail, storage rooms, and the medical industry.

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