The Advantage

 At Unitran, we pride ourselves on providing an industry leading premium quality product. Durability and premium quality is the foundation that goes into each product design. Using industry leading equipment combined with years of experience in manufacturing, our product will stand the test of time so that you can be confident in your investment. Unitran’s quality products will save you time and money spent replacing critical pieces of equipment.

Durable Finish

The key feature of our product making it high quality and durable, comes in the finishing process – Powder Coating. There are several advantages to using this finish:

  • The finish bonds to the material opposed to traditional paint, an enamel coating that chips and wears off easily.
  • Provides an ‘edge build-up’, giving those typically sharp edges a smoother feel for your protection.
  • Colour protection with built-in UV resistant properties in our special polyester powder. No worry of fading in UV light conditions.
  • Processed in an Environmentally friendly facility with the ability to reclaim and recycle extra powder back through the system.

Product in Stock

Saving you time and hassle, our popular and more standard equipment handling products are readily available in stock throughout many of our premium retailers in Western Canada.

Premium Quality Materials

If our product rolls, we ensure it rolls on premium quality casters and wheels. Each caster or wheel is thoroughly inspected before use on any of our products.

Utilizing a custom milled steel tubing allows us to provide an extremely durable product and exceptional control over the finished quality.

Custom Manufacturing

We understand the unique requirements and individual purpose for any piece of material handling equipment. With our years of experience, let us design and manufacture a product that fits your needs perfectly. Click here to view custom products.

Safety in Mind

Careful consideration and thought goes into the manufacturing of all our products for your protection. Heavy load baring capability and smooth edge powder coated finish guarantees safety without concern.  We understand that any compromise in safety can lead to injuries and costly damage. This is why safety is of the utmost importance to Unitran.

Made in Canada

By designing and manufacturing our products in Canada, affords us complete control over quality and finish.