Reel Racking

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Reel Racking 

  • Utilizes standard rack components for use with spools
  • Reel adaptors can accommodate spool axles or pipes up to 2″ diameter
  • With 1,500lbs capacity per pair of supports


Stock Number Dimensions
 Reel Adaptors
894/WRA (1 left + 1 right) 1500lbs cap.
 Reel Rods
894/WT36 36″ x 1.315″ x 100w Rod
894/WT48 48″ x 1.315″ x 100w Rod
 Upright Frames
 “L” Frame
894/WSS96 18″D x 96″H
 “A” Frame
894/WDS96 32″D x 96″H
 Connector Beams
894/WCB36 36″W
894/WCB48 48″W