Types of Steel Carts

Steel Carts | August 12, 2021
Types of Steel Carts

Steel carts can be utilized in a variety of warehouses, industrial facilities, and other applications that require frequent transportation of products and materials. Though every steel cart performs a similar purpose, there are many different types that are suited for different tasks over others. Understanding the differences between the different types of steel carts is crucial for choosing the right option for your needs. As leading providers of high-quality steel carts that can fit any application, the team at Unitran Manufacturers understands the importance of having the right equipment for the job. That is why we have provided some information on each type of steel cart to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

What kind of steel cart is best for greenhouses?

Service Carts

Service carts are practical and durable steel carts designed for efficient order picking and material transportation. All service carts feature 2 swiveling and 2 rigid casters to allow for easy handling regardless of the load. In addition to 2-level carts, service carts are available with up to 5 shelves to maximize capacity for smaller products and materials. Certain models also feature an integrated ladder to allow for efficient stock picking at various heights. Due to the variety of options available, service carts can be used for many applications.

Platform Trucks

As indicated by their name, platform trucks feature a flat platform that is ideal for handling large products and materials. If you need to handle drywall, plywood, large boxes, plants, or luggage, platform trucks can help you get the job done right. Platform trucks are commonly used in warehouses, retail facilities, nurseries, hotels, and restaurants.

Stocking Carts

Stocking carts feature flat or tube-based platforms to handle a variety of products and materials. Certain units feature 6 wheels to allow for exceptional handling and a tight turning radius, making them ideal for small spaces and narrow aisles. Stocking carts are commonly used in industrial manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

Furniture Dollies

Furniture dollies are simple units that allow for efficient, safe, and effective handling of furniture. Whether you are moving a couch, bed, dresser, or washing machine, a furniture dolly can get the job done right.

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