Key Features of Mechanics Ladders

Warehouse Ladders | June 16, 2022
Benefits of Mechanics Ladders

If you work in an automotive shop or industrial manufacturing facility, you likely need to frequently access elevated products and materials. While many types of equipment can be used to access elevated areas, it is crucial to choose a product that will help you get the job done safely every time. If you are looking for a safe and reliable method of accessing elevated areas in your facility, look no further than a mechanics ladder. As noted by the name, these units are widely utilized by mechanics, though they can be effectively used by a variety of workers in many industries. To help you determine if these units are right for your needs, the team at Unitran Manufacturers has compiled a list of key features of mechanics ladders and how they can benefit various operations.

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4 High-Value Features of Mechanics Ladders

The following high-value features make mechanics ladders a great option for a variety of industries and applications:

1. Durable Powder-Coated Steel

Every mechanics ladder is constructed from high-quality steel with a durable powder-coated finish. This ensures a long usable life while minimizing maintenance requirements over time, allowing you to focus on getting the job done without worrying about the condition of your equipment.

2. Bolt-Together Design

A bolt-together design further enhances durability while making it easy to replace components if needed. Should a step, railing, or wheel guard become damaged, each component can be easily removed and replaced with another. This further minimizes downtime while limiting repair costs as you will never need to purchase an entirely new ladder due to one or two faulty components.

3. ANSI & OSHA Compliant

When purchasing equipment for your operation, you need to know that it is safe to use. Every mechanics ladder complies with current ANSI and OSHA standards, ensuring optimal safety in demanding environments. This compliance is achieved through a perforated stair and platform design to minimize the risk of slipping and a stable frame that will only move in a specific tilted position.

4. 21” Platform with 300 lb Capacity

Whether you are a mechanic or an industrial assembly specialist, you need enough space to use tools and handle materials. That is why every mechanics ladder features a 21” platform with 300 lb of weight capacity, giving you the space and strength you need to use large tools and handle heavy materials with confidence.

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