Benefits of Self-Dumping Hoppers

Warehouse Equipment | August 30, 2022
Benefits of Self-Dumping Hoppers

Handling and disposing of trash can be a time-consuming and potentially hazardous task. This is especially true for large warehouses and industrial facilities, as some trash can be sharp or contaminated depending on the materials handled during daily operating tasks. As a leading provider of quality warehousing equipment like stock carts, hand trucks, and self-dumping hoppers, the team at Unitran Manufacturers knows how important safe and efficient waste disposal is for every operation. That is why we have compiled a list of the benefits of self-dumping hoppers to demonstrate how every operation can benefit from having one on their premises.

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4 Reasons to Use a Self-Dumping Hopper

Self-dumping hoppers offer the following benefits for warehouses and industrial facilities of all sizes:

1. Lasting Durability

Self-dumping hoppers feature all-welded construction with 10-gauge steel plates, ensuring lasting durability in even the most demanding environments. This means that your self-dumping hopper can endure years of bumps, scratches, and other wear caused by employees and sharp waste items without reducing its effectiveness or safety. If your self-dumping hopper is used correctly and stored indoors, it should last for many years.

2. Leading Safety

Trash disposal can be a deceptively hazardous job, especially for operations that need to dispose of sharp materials, chemicals, and other potentially dangerous goods. By using a self-dumping hopper, employees can quickly place all waste in an accessible bin and dump it into the dedicated dumpster using a forklift once it is full. This eliminates the risk of employees straining themselves by trying to lift waste into a tall dumpster.

3. Easy Operation

Self-dumping hoppers are intelligently designed to allow for simple and effective operation. Once the hopper is full, operators pick it up at ground level with a forklift, elevate the bin slightly, transport it to the dumpster, and stop the forklift. This stopping motion will cause the hopper to move forward and dump, emptying the contents into the dumpster. Once the hopper is empty, it will correct itself and lock itself back in place, requiring minimal input from the operator to ensure proper performance and safety.

4. Increased Productivity

By placing a self-dumping hopper in your facility, you are drastically reducing the time it takes for employees to dispose of waste. Instead of making every employee walk outside of your facility to dispose of items in your dumpster, they can throw waste into an accessible indoor bin. This bin can then be quickly and easily emptied as needed, enhancing productivity and facility cleanliness simultaneously.

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