Types of Hand Trucks

Hand Trucks, Warehouse Equipment | February 26, 2019

When moving material around in a warehouse setting, using the right type of material handling product can improve efficiency and make the job easier. For this reason, it is important for any warehouse operation to have a wide selection of hand trucks. There are many sizes and types of hand trucks available that have differing applications and, at Unitran Manufacturers, we manufacture and provide a variety of these hand trucks to suppliers across Canada.

Different Types of Hand Trucks

When an object or stack is too large to move by hand and a forklift is not an option, a practical solution is often a hand truck. Sometimes, material is an awkward shape or is too large for a conventional hand truck and, in such cases, a specialty hand truck may be required. Some of the kinds of hand trucks include:

Appliance Hand Trucks

Appliance hand trucks make moving large objects, such as refrigerators and dishwashers, much easier. This type of hand truck has a short and wide tray that can support great weights, and many have rigging systems to secure the appliance for an easy move.

Cylinder Hand Trucks

Moving large containers of gases or chemicals can be made easier with a cylinder hand truck. To prevent cylinders from tipping, these hand trucks have an enclosed tray that is easy to load and unload.

Drum Hand Trucks

When moving large drums or pails full of heavy materials, drum trucks offer a high degree of mobility and versatility. Their shape is ideal for the large, round shape of drums. They are manufactured in two different forms; the first is a regular hand truck form, and the second is a type of cradle that holds the drum horizontally.

Other Hand Truck Types

Many types of hand trucks are very similar to the classic hand truck form, but they have slight differences in design to specialize them for particular tasks. Some examples of such hand trucks include:

  • Commercial hand trucks
  • Rough terrain hand trucks
  • Bread tray hand trucks
  • Beer pallet hand trucks
  • Chair mover hand trucks
  • Liquor hand trucks
  • Baggage hand trucks
  • Warehouse hand trucks

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