Heavy Duty Industrial Carts

Steel Carts, Warehouse Equipment | March 21, 2019

Some of the most useful tools that a warehouse, retail, shipping, or shop operation can have on hand are heavy duty industrial carts. Whether they are being used for stocking shelves, customer convenience, or tool conveyance in a shop or manufacturing facility, the variety of types of steel carts that we, at Unitran Manufacturers, design and produce are made to last and provide an ideal solution for every kind of utility.

Types of Steel Carts from Unitran Manufacturers

When stock or supplies need to be moved or used in bulk or when heavy objects need to be transported, the heavy-duty industrial carts that Unitran Manufacturers supplies provide an excellent solution. We design and create carts that can be used for a wide variety of applications, and all of our carts are made from heavy-duty steel to provide increased durability. Some of the types of steel carts that we supply include:

Furniture Dollies

The flat, low, and durable furniture dolly is perfect for moving heavy pieces of furniture or equipment. This type of steel cart has castors that swivel in every direction so that they can be used in tandem to move heavy items wherever they need to go.

Platform Trucks

Platform trucks provide a large, flat surface for stock to rest on and be transported around a facility. They make excellent warehouse carts, stock carts, or shopping carts for customer use in nurseries or furniture stores.

Mesh Security Carts

In settings where the materials being moved or used might need a little bit of extra security, supply carts with a mesh cage can come in handy. Mesh security carts are commonly used in shops with expensive tools or electronic equipment, as well as in medical facilities to secure medicine and instruments.

Service Carts

Steel service carts are one of the most popular and practical types of industrial carts. Service carts are available in a wide variety of styles that include customization of castors, shelves, handles, and shapes.

Stocking Carts

When a cart needs to be able to handle heavy weights, stocking carts are the perfect solution. Industrial stocking carts feature steel tubing construction and high-quality castors to enable them to handle large loads and last longer than many other types of carts.

To obtain more information about the types of heavy duty industrial carts that Unitran designs and manufactures, please contact Unitran Manufacturers by filling out a contact form on our website or by calling us at 604-574-3465. We are a Canadian warehouse equipment manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in the fabrication industry.