Bollards for Inside Warehouses

Bollards, Warehouse Equipment | December 17, 2019

In many warehouses, it is common for forklift traffic to become a hazard. Regardless of how careful a facility’s forklift drivers are, there is always potential for a lapse in attention, which can result in injury or damaged property. For this reason, we, at Unitran Manufacturers, have developed bollards for inside warehouses that are perfect for showing boundaries to vehicle traffic and protecting people and property.

Why Use Bollards in a Warehouse?

If a warehouse has forklifts or other industrial vehicles running through it, setting up bollards can help to create barricades that protect inventory and property, as well as people working in the warehouse. In order to be of use, a bollard needs to be strong enough to resist at least minor impacts in order to keep whatever is behind them safe.

Where to Use Bollards in a Warehouse

There are many places where it is good to use bollards in a warehouse. Some of the most common places to install bollards include:

At the Edges of Racking

In order to protect racking from forklifts, it is often useful to place bollards at the edges. If a forklift drives into the edges of a shelf, it can cause structural damage or knock over the shelving and cause some very expensive damage.

In Front of Office Space

If a warehouse contains office or desk space, putting bollards in front of these areas can help to keep forklifts away. Whether the space is open or enclosed by cubicle walls, having bollards in place can protect those working in the area.

At Warehouse Entrances

The corners of buildings are often prone to being struck by forklifts, and this is especially common in and around entryways. Installing bollards close to warehouse entrances can help to protect your property, as well as keep door mechanisms safe.

At Aisle Divisions

If there are any aisles cross in a warehouse, having bollards in place can help to keep forklifts from damaging the edges of shelves at these aisle crossings, and they can also help to indicate a hazard so that forklift drivers know to slow down.

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