How to Accelerate Your Warehouse’s Picking Processes

Warehouse Equipment | July 20, 2021
Accelerated Picking Processes

Warehouses of all sizes are always looking for ways to improve their efficiency. Whether your warehouse handles consumer goods or manufacturing materials, picking speed is a crucial element of productivity. As leading providers of high-quality material handling equipment, the team at Unitran Manufacturers understands how difficult it can be to increase picking speed without sacrificing accuracy. That is why our team has compiled some information on how to accelerate your warehouse’s picking process by using the right equipment. From steel service carts to security lockup cabinets, the right equipment can greatly improve your picking speed.

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Equipment to Accelerate Picking Processes

The following types of equipment can be utilized by nearly any type of warehouse to improve picking speed:

Steel Service Carts

Steel service carts are available in a variety of configurations ranging from two-shelf carts to picking list holder carts. This ensures that there is a suitable option for every type of warehouse and the products they store. Each unit is designed for simple operation and optimal storage space, allowing users to easily pick multiple orders at once and deliver them to the staging/packaging area. This increases picking speed by reducing the number of trips users need to pick and deliver orders or production materials. In addition to picking speed, steel service carts drastically reduce strain on order pickers, increasing safety by reducing the risk of injury.

Platform Trucks

While service carts are ideal for smaller items and packaged products, platform trucks are the perfect option for large materials and products. From drywall carts to heavy-duty mobile platforms, every platform truck is designed for ease of use and reduced operator strain. Instead of transporting one sheet of drywall by hand or carrying a few pieces of lumber, a platform truck allows users to safely move multiple pieces in one trip, increasing picking speed.

Security Lockup Cabinets

In addition to the tools used to hold and transport items in a warehouse, product storage is of equal importance. Security lockup cabinets are a great place to store high-value products and materials, eliminating the need to store them in pallets on high levels of shelving. This allows users to access products without the use of additional equipment, increasing picking speed and overall productivity.

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