Picker Cart

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Reference Number – SBM2261R

SUBJECT:      Picker Cart

  • 56” wide x 78” deep
  • Two 50” high x 53” deep removable sides
  • One 50” high x 46 ¼” wide removable rear stop
  • Sides and back to have removable restraints at top corners
  • Sides and back to have mesh (1-14F) full bottom to top
  • 16ga floor c/w no holes (no skin underneath)
  • Base corners to be bevelled (not radiused)
  • 3” x 6” x 3/16” fork pockets on 24” centers
  • Sides and back posts to have removable pin restraints at bottom of posts
  • All restrain provisions to be tethered to unit and/or sides
  • 4” phenolic swivel casters (x four)
  • Powder coat Unitran Safety Blue