Industrial Reel Racking Solutions

Warehouse Storage | August 27, 2020
reel racking

If you regularly sell or store reels of product, you might be able to benefit from the industrial reel racking solutions provided by Unitran Manufacturers. Due to their round shape, reels and spools can be difficult and annoying to store, especially if you need to regularly pull lengths of product off of the reel. Reel racks make it easier to store these products as well as pull material from them, making them ideal for both industrial and commercial purposes.

Different Types of Industrial Reel Racks

Reel racks come in a variety of sizes and frame shapes in order to accommodate different facilities. Racks for storing spools of inventory from Unitran Manufacturers are all able to support up to 1500 lb of product and they are powder coated to ensure a long-lasting, durable solution. Reel racking is ideal for use in fabrication workshops, warehouses, retail scenarios, and any other application with spools of inventory. Some of the different types of reel racks available include:

L-Frame Reel Racks

If you intend on having your reel rack sit flush against the wall in order to save space, an L-frame reel rack might be the best option. These racks allow for inventory to be lined up along one side. They are 96” tall and 18” deep, with options for 36” and 48” widths to enable you to stack different numbers of reels at each level.

A-Frame Reel Racks

A-frame reel racks are designed to have inventory on both sides of the rack in order to maximize the number of reels that can be stored on each rack. While these racks tend to take up more space than L-frame reel racks, they are an excellent solution for anyone with many different types of spools of product. Like L-frame reel racks, A-frame reel racks come 96” tall and either 36” or 48” wide (depending on the spacer bar used) but, due to their wider frame to support more product, these racks have a depth of 32”.

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