Hand Trucks vs. Dollies

Hand Trucks | July 6, 2023
hand trucks vs dollies

If you are operating a warehouse, you understand that time is of the essence and the right tools can significantly boost productivity. Unitran Manufacturers, a leading provider of commercial warehouse products, understands the critical role that transportation tools like hand trucks and dollies play in streamlining operations. In this article, we will delve into the differences between hand trucks vs. dollies, helping you make an informed decision for your warehouse.

The Basic Difference Between Hand Trucks and Dollies

Hand trucks, often referred to as two-wheelers, are L-shaped units with two wheels at the base and a small ledge to accommodate the cargo. The user tilts the truck back and efficiently moves loads without bearing the entire weight. Hand trucks are ideal for moving boxes, kegs, and relatively tall items. There are many types of hand trucks you can choose from, depending on your needs.

Dollies, on the other hand, are typically flat platforms with four wheels. They are designed for moving heavier and bulkier items. Cargo is placed onto the dolly and can then be rolled to the desired location. Some dollies come with a handle, while others are meant to be pushed or pulled without one.

Hand Truck or Dolly: Which is Right for You?

Evaluating the Load

Before choosing between a hand truck or dolly, make sure to evaluate the load. Hand trucks are best suited for taller, stackable items, whereas dollies are perfect for larger, more cumbersome items that may not stack easily.

Weight Considerations

Hand trucks usually support less weight compared to dollies. If you need to move extremely heavy items, a dolly would be more appropriate, such as heavy-duty furniture dollies for industrial use.

Maneuverability and Space Constraints

Hand trucks are easier to maneuver through tight spaces because of their two-wheel design. They are excellent for navigating through narrow aisles and doorways. Dollies, while not as agile as hand trucks, provide better stability for the load. Their four-wheel design distributes the weight evenly, which is particularly useful when moving delicate items.

Storage and Portability

Hand trucks are usually taller but require less floor space for storage. Some models are foldable, making them even more convenient for transportation and storage. Dollies, being flat, can be stacked and stored easily; however, they require more floor space than hand trucks.

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