What can Mezzanines be Used for?

Warehouse Mezzanines | April 7, 2022
What Can Mezzanines be Used for?

When it comes to warehousing, manufacturing, and other industrial applications, space is often the most valuable resource for any operation. Regardless of your application, it can be difficult to create space in one area without sacrificing it from another. If you are looking for a way to add storage space or a new office area to your facility without compromising your existing space, a storage mezzanine may be the perfect solution. As a leading provider of quality storage mezzanines and other equipment solutions, the team at Unitran Manufacturers knows how beneficial these units can be for various applications. That is why we have provided a list outlining what mezzanines can be used for to demonstrate how they can enhance your operation.

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3 Ways to Use a Warehouse Mezzanine

Warehouse mezzanines can be used for the following purposes in nearly any warehouse or industrial manufacturing facility:

1. Work Areas

For most operations, additional operating space often comes at the cost of existing storage space. By installing a mezzanine, you can retain your existing storage space on the bottom level while creating a new area for assembly, packaging, or other tasks on top. You can also use both levels as a space for assembly, detailed work, packaging/staging, and other relevant tasks. This allows you to tailor your mezzanine to your precise needs, optimizing productivity without compromising other areas of your operation.

2. Office Space

Walls can be installed around the top or bottom level of a mezzanine to create an enclosed space that can be used as a manager’s office or a dedicated space for data entry. This allows you to place managers and supervisors closer to warehouse staff, giving them an accurate representation of productivity, safety, and other vital elements while making them easily accessible to everyone.

3. Product Storage

Mezzanines make it easy to store more products, parts, or materials in a safe location for quick and accurate retrieval. This is especially true for rack-supported units as they include several shelves for better organization, efficiency, and safety. All mezzanines can also be equipped with a variety of gates, allowing workers to use forklifts to place heavy materials and palletized goods on the top level as needed. This allows you to use the lower level of the mezzanine for smaller items and designate the top level for large products, equipment, and materials.

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