Types of Mezzanine Loading Gates

Warehouse Mezzanines | April 15, 2021
Mezzanine Loading Gate

Many facilities perform a variety of tasks and operations on the top level of a mezzanine. To accomplish these tasks, materials often need to be lifted up to the mezzanine via a forklift. When receiving these materials, an individual needs to open a gate to allow the forklift to place the pallet or container. Though identical in purpose, there are many different types of mezzanine loading gates. Knowing these types is crucial for ensuring optimal safety for your operation and for choosing the right option for your needs.

At Unitran Manufacturers Ltd., we provide a full selection of pivot safety gates, handrail pipe gates, guardrail swing gates, and chain gates. That is why our team has provided some information on each type of mezzanine loading gate and their unique features.

Mezzanine Loading Gate Options

The following 5 types of mezzanine loading gates are commonly utilized by warehouses and production facilities:

Pivot Safety Gates

Pivot safety gates are designed to protect open areas on mezzanines and storage platforms during the loading/unloading of materials. Though they have the most complex appearance, they are easily installed into existing handrail systems and feature simple operation. When one side of the pivot safety gate is open/raised, the other side is closed/down. This allows for safe and convenient access by forklifts and personnel alike.

Handrail Swing Gates

A handrail swing gate provides easy forklift access and personnel operation. This gate can be unlocked and then swung outwards at a 90° angle to create an opening up to 60”. It can then be easily pulled back and locked to ensure personnel safety.

Handrail Double Swing Gates

Handrail double swing gates are similar to standard swing gates. Instead of one large gate, they feature two separate gates that open outward at 90° angles. This creates an opening up to 96”, allowing for larger materials to be loaded or unloaded.

Handrail Pipe Gates

Handrail pipe gates feature pipes that slide left or right onto other rails. This allows operators to easily close the gate after a forklift has placed a pallet or container. Handrail pipe gates are compatible with most guardrail systems.

Handrail Chain Gates

Chain gates are an effective and economical solution for access points on a mezzanine that are compatible with most guardrail systems. They feature 1 or 2 chains that can be detached for loading/unloading and then reattached to ensure personnel safety.

To learn more about the types of mezzanine loading gates or for assistance choosing the best option for your facility, reach out to the team at Unitran Manufacturers Ltd. We can be reached by phone at 604-574-3465, or through our online contact form and will be happy to assist you.