How to Safely Use a Forklift Work Platform

Warehouse Equipment | February 25, 2021
forklift workstage

Working from heights can be extremely dangerous if the right equipment is not used and the right precautions are not taken. At Unitran Manufacturing, our top priority for the equipment we make is the safety of our users, so we are always happy to help educate people on the best safety practices to follow when using our products. Forklift workstages are a great way to get jobs done that might be unsafe to perform on a ladder, but it is important to know how to safely use a forklift work platform before beginning.

Safety Tips for Forklift Work Platforms

If the proper safety steps are not taken when using a forklift workstage, a worker could risk falling and facing serious injury. Some tips to keep in mind whenever a forklift work platform is in use include:

1.     Check the Area

Before beginning any work with a forklift workstage, it is important to ensure that the area is clear of obstacles and that personnel are kept away from the area. Look for hazards such as light fixtures, water pipes, or power lines, and set out safety cones to ensure that people are aware of work being done.

2.     Keep Limbs Inside Platform While in Motion

It is possible to get arms, legs, or clothing caught in moving parts of the forklift, resulting in injury. To avoid this, be sure to keep all limbs, tools, materials, and equipment inside the work platform while it is in motion.

3.     Check Harnesses, Guard Rails, and Chains

Before each use, always check that the workstage is properly chained to the forklift, the guard rails are secure, and the fall protection harness and tether are being worn properly.

4.     Check for Faulty Equipment

Although most forklift workstages are made from heavy duty materials and are quite durable, it is important to ensure that no defects or damage could result in equipment failure.

5.     Do Not Reach Too Far

Although the guard rails and tether should prevent workers from reaching too far from the platform center, it is still possible to get around these safety precautions if a worker is determined to do so.

If you would like to learn more about how to safely use a forklift work platform, or to find out about the products we provide, please contact the knowledgeable team at Unitran Manufacturing and we will help you get the answers you need.