Safe Storage of Gas Cylinders in the Workplace

Gas Cylinder Cage

Many types of compressed gases can be extremely hazardous when their cylinders are stored incorrectly. At Unitran Manufacturers, we know the importance of safe storage for gas cylinders in the workplace and we manufacture methods to store and move all kinds of gas cylinders for industries across Canada and the United States.

The Hazards of Compressed Gas Cylinders

Depending on the type of gas, the size of the cylinder, and the surrounding environment, there are a variety of hazards that come with gas cylinder storage. Compressed gas can cause damage to property and employees when cylinders become damaged due to incorrect handling. Many types of gases are flammable, and cylinders can explode if exposed to too much heat. If a cylinder or valve is damaged, it can fly through the air like a rocket or simply explode. An improperly sealed valve can release toxic gases into the air and create a health hazard.

How to Store Gas Cylinders Safely

For the best methods to safely store compressed gases, it is worthwhile to check your region’s government codes and regulations. Laws for storing cylinders are in place to protect residents and property.

Any structure that houses compressed gas cylinders should be extremely well ventilated. Outdoor cages are ideal for compressed gas storage. Storage locations for gas cylinders should be far away from any kind of radiant heat or source of sparks. Before bringing any gas cylinder into a building, ensure that it is not damaged or leaking and that it has been recently inspected.

Cylinders should be stored in clearly marked locations with incompatible or volatile gases stored separately from one another. Each gas cylinder and its placement should be clearly labeled so that staff can always tell what each cylinder contains. Cylinders should always be stored upright and be secured by a chain so that they cannot fall over.

Some of the best options for storing and moving gas cylinders include:

Gas Cylinder Cabinets

Gas cylinder cabinets offer a secure, completely ventilated cage for compressed gases. They are lockable, movable, and come in a variety of sizes to house all kinds of cylinders.

Cylinder Trucks

Moving cylinders can be dangerous, as their round, elongated construction allows them to roll easily and makes them difficult to carry. Cylinder trucks are hand trucks that allow multiple cylinders to be moved at once with ease and safety.

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