How do Pallet Pullers Work?

Warehouse Equipment | June 22, 2021
Pallet Puller

For operations without a dock leveler, it can be difficult to unload a semi-truck or cargo vehicle filled with pallets. Forklifts can only reach so far, meaning that operators often need to manually unload pallets and containers that are out of reach. This method is inefficient and often unsafe, reducing productivity and increasing the risk of safety incidents. That is why many forklift operators utilize pallet pullers when unloading a truck. Pallet pullers can pull loaded pallets to the edge of a dock, van, or truck, allowing users to easily retrieve them with their forklift. At Unitran Manufacturers Ltd., we understand the value of a quality pallet puller. That is why we have provided some information on how pallet pullers work and what they are.

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What are Pallet Pullers?

Pallet pullers provide a much-needed solution for operations without a loading dock or dock leveller that need to unload a vehicle filled with palletized goods. Pallet pullers utilize a clamp to bite into a pallet, ensuring a secure grip. This clamp is attached to a chain or strap that is tied to the chassis of a forklift, allowing operators to pull a pallet towards the edge of the vehicle bay. Once the pallet is near the edge, the clamp can be removed, and the pallet can be lifted with the forklift. This process can then be repeated for all other pallets in the vehicle.

How do you use a Pallet Puller?

While some operations may use fork extenders, a pallet puller is a more cost-effective option while maintaining a similar level of safety and productivity. To use a pallet puller, a specific process must be followed to ensure optimal productivity and safety. When using a pallet puller, perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure the forklift is stable and level.
  2. Attach the strap to the forklift.
  3. Place the clamp on the pallet and ensure that it has a stable grip.
  4. Slowly move in reverse with the forklift. Do not perform any sudden or erratic movements.
  5. Once the pallet is near the edge of the vehicle or dock, slowly move forward with the forklift to reduce tension on the strap.
  6. Remove the clamp from the pallet or have another worker remove it.
  7. Remove the pallet from the vehicle or dock.
  8. Repeat this process for all remaining pallets.

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